A podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

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    Candid #55: What's With You and Eating Mosquitos?

    Josh welcomes a new family member and Álvaro prepares for a trip. We talk iPhone photography and travel preparation, including dealing with mosquitos, moisture, filters, and backing up your shots on the road.

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    Candid #54: Mint in Box

    We address some listener feedback before talking about our experiences and recommendations for dealing with eBay and other used markets for buying and selling.

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    Candid #52: Behind the Shot

    In an experimental new segment, the gang choose an image from each others’ recent work and try to dissect the story and technique that went into realizing it.

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    Candid #51: Try to Look Untasty

    Marius returns from Africa bringing photos and stories. We talk about the experiences, and—of course—the gear. Olympus and Fujifilm are compared, the struggles of cultural photography are explored, and close encounters are described.

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    Candid #50: You've Got to Have a Big Knob

    Regrouping after their Toronto trip, the team catches up on the latest camera news before delving into Josh’s new blog and new lens, first impressions of Peak Design’s new Cuff & Leash, plus the unique LoupeDeck Lightroom controller.

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    Candid #50 (-1): Live From Toronto!

    Meeting in person for the first time ever, the team converges on Toronto for a live episode! Hijinks ensue as we discover new camera systems, new mediums, and how to properly pronounce Álvaro’s name.

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    Candid Conversations: Panasonic's Trisha Gillings

    Álvaro and Marius are joined by Panasonic’s Canadian Product Manager for Imaging, Trisha Gillings. Conversation ranges from the interesting relationships at the heart of the Micro Four-Thirds consortium to some behind the scenes insight into how the latest Panasonic products came to be!

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