A weekly podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

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    Candid #11: The Most Expensive Advice in the World

    We answer a listener question about keeping your camera gear safe while traveling, and before long Josh's first impressions of the Sony 85mm GM lens lead us into a deep discussion about product reviews.

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    Candid #9: Inspiration

    Steering away from gear talk, we ponder the difficult topic of photographic inspiration in this week's episode. Where do we find it? What compels us to go out and shoot? We also introduce a brand new contest and answer a listener question!

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    Candid #8: Mirrorless vs. DSLR

    We open what may be the biggest can of worms in the photography world today: the mirrorless vs. DSLR debate. How are they different? Why choose one over the other? What are the pros and cons of each mechanism? And, most importantly, who should be shooting a mirrorless system and who should be shooting a DSLR camera? We do our best to ask and answer all the important questions in this debate.

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    Candid #7: Photo Gear for Travel

    With two hosts planning some travels this summer, discussing which kit works best for long trips was bound to take place. Álvaro, Josh, and Marius dig into the kit they’ve used in the past for their travels and what they hope to use going forward.

    More importantly, the hosts discuss a new competition for a free ThinkTank bag! This is Candid’s first giveaway and it promises to be a good one. Are you #TeamBackpack or #TeamMessenger? Whichever side you’re on, tweet out why you’re on your chosen team, use the hashtag #TeamBackpack or #TeamMessenger to denote which team you’re on, and tag @candid_fm at the end of your tweet. Next week, we’ll choose which tweet is our favourite and ThinkTank will ship the winner either the Retrospective 20 messenger bag or a backpack of equivalent value.

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    Candid #5: Mobile Workflows

    What happens when we try to take our editing and organizing workflows on the go? We talk apps, discuss devices, and discover how mobile devices fit into each of our photographic worlds.

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