A weekly podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

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    Candid #23: Expose to Whatever

    We’ve got a couple of excellent listener questions to answer before delving into exposure. We go over ETTR and other techniques and compare exposure rules in digital versus analog photography.

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    Candid #22: Right Place, Wrong Lens

    With Josh and Marius back from their respective summer trips, the gang is back together and eager to talk about the latest photo news as well as reflections on travel equipment.

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    Candid Conversations: Drew Coffman

    With Josh still away, Marius & Álvaro are joined by friend of the show Drew Coffman. They talk about Drew’s gear, including a new Leica Q, before wrapping up with a detailed discussion of iPad Pro and mobile photography workflows.

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    Candid #20: Photokina Predictions

    With Josh on vacation, Marius & Álvaro chat about Siri image search concerns, more WWDC details, and what we can expect to see in the camera market over the next year.

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    Candid Conversations: Paul Matthijs of Hedge

    Paul Matthijs joins us to talk about Hedge, a powerful Mac app for safely importing footage and photos after a shoot. We discuss the app itself, and sustainable app development.

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    Candid #18: RAWesome! WWDC for Photographers

    In the wake of Apple’s keynote address at WWDC 2016, we take some time to talk about the photography-related announcements and our overall impressions of what’s coming for macOS and iOS users.

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    Candid #17: Candid Unpacked, Part 1: Josh

    We react to GoPro’s major software pivot before peeking into Josh’s travel bag to see what he’s bringing with him on his trip to Europe this summer.

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    Candid #15: An Intro to Shooting Film

    Álvaro helps us get started shooting film, but first we catch up on some news, including a bokeh showdown, a mobile photo workflow comparison, and a bold claim about Fuji.

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