A weekly podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

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    Candid #34: Just a Huge Spacebar

    In light of the new MacBook Pro announcements from Apple, Josh and Marius take a skeptical look at the current computing landscape and talk about why it’s such a challenging time to buy a machine for professional use.

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    Candid #33: What Makes a Photograph Compelling?

    Marius and Álvaro share some listener feedback before dissecting the elements of a photograph. They look at each ingredient and how they come together to make an image interesting, including a discussion of the role of post-processing.

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    Candid #32: Unfamiliar Bedfellows

    After a quick recap of our Photokina reactions, we talk about Marius’ new PEN pal. We also examine how Fuji and Olympus are gaining confidence in their products, the threat of mobile technology, and how well the Fuji X-T2’s C-AF tracking works.

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 4: Odds & Ends

    Our final Photokina episode is packed full of everything else at the show—Canon products, more thoughts on Olympus, and a ton of hands-on lens impressions from the show floor. We also choose the recipients of the official Candid Awards for Biggest Splash, Most Improved Company, and Biggest Disappointment. Can you guess which companies won?

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 3: Fuji

    The third episode in our Photokina week coverage includes our first impressions of Fuji’s announcements, including a brand new medium format system, Álvaro’s hands-on impressions of the X-T2, and two very special interviews!

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 2: Micro Four-Thirds

    Our second Photokina coverage episode is all about Micro Four-Thirds, featuring the Panasonic GH5, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark ii (with nose sensitivity improvements!), and more.

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 1: Sony

    In the first of our Photokina coverage episodes, Álvaro tells Marius about his first day at the show and gives us his impressions of the announcements from Sony.

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    Candid #27: Apples to Apples

    With Álvaro on his way to Photokina, Josh & Marius are eager to share their first impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus and what its advancements mean for mobile photography.

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    Candid #26: I Can't Stop Touching It

    Everyone’s back just in time to welcome another 50mm lens to the Sony lineup. Marius also shares some first impressions about a new camera before the discussion turns to photo books and printing.

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    Candid #25: The Rise of Unsplash

    Josh and Marius are joined once again by Drew Coffman, and together they talk about some new Canon and Fuji announcements before digging into the main topic: Unsplash.

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