A weekly podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

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    Candid #50 (-1): Live From Toronto!

    Meeting in person for the first time ever, the team converges on Toronto for a live episode! Hijinks ensue as we discover new camera systems, new mediums, and how to properly pronounce Álvaro’s name.

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    Candid Conversations: Panasonic's Trisha Gillings

    Álvaro and Marius are joined by Panasonic’s Canadian Product Manager for Imaging, Trisha Gillings. Conversation ranges from the interesting relationships at the heart of the Micro Four-Thirds consortium to some behind the scenes insight into how the latest Panasonic products came to be!

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    Candid #45: Canons, Macs, and the iPad Pro

    Álvaro and Marius return to discuss Marius’ weekend with a Canon 5D Mark IV. Then it’s time to unpack Apple’s WWDC announcements as they pertain to photography, with a special iPad Pro segment featuring Thomas Wong.

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    Candid #44: The Sony a9

    The whole gang is back together to talk Sony news—the a9, the 100mm Macro, the 100-400mm GM, and more!

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    Candid #43: Street Photography

    Álvaro & Marius catch up on a bit of news before diving into the wonderful world of street photography: what it is, how to approach it (including getting over the fear of starting), and some of our favourite tools & techniques!

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    Candid Conversations: Erin Brooks

    Erin Brooks, iPhoneographer extraordinaire, joins Álvaro and Marius for a far-reaching chat about modern photography. Along the way, we discuss her involvement in the Shot on iPhone campaign for Apple, her favourite apps for editing, and where a standard mirrorless camera fits into her workflow.

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    Candid Conversations: Adobe's Josh Haftel

    This week’s show features Josh Haftel, product manager for Lightroom Mobile at Adobe. He joins Marius, Álvaro, and “Manitoba” in a wide-reaching discussion about the state of mobile photography, the future of imaging technology, and where Lightroom fits into the picture.

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    Candid #40: Medium Format—The Bigger Picture

    Leica and Fuji have both announced new products, including a competitively priced medium format system, GFX. We take this opportunity to talk about medium format as a whole and who might be most tempted to make the leap.

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