A podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

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    Candid #59: Nikon Z6 & Z7

    Álvaro returns from his trip, and we discuss the new Nikon cameras that showed up while he was gone.

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    Candid #58: On the Surface Go

    Thomas Wong is back on the show with Marius to talk hybrid devices for photographers on the go. The Surface Go, to be precise.

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    Candid #57: Still Alive

    It’s been a while. We’re still here, and we owe you an explanation. Later, Álvaro & Marius chat about Nikon, Peak Design, and Álvaro’s upcoming trip.

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    Candid #56: Bitten in Inconvenient Places

    Álvaro recounts his Argentinian adventures, Marius writes about iPad photography workflows, and we offer some thoughts for the new year.

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    Candid #55: What's With You and Eating Mosquitos?

    Josh welcomes a new family member and Álvaro prepares for a trip. We talk iPhone photography and travel preparation, including dealing with mosquitos, moisture, filters, and backing up your shots on the road.

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    Candid #54: Mint in Box

    We address some listener feedback before talking about our experiences and recommendations for dealing with eBay and other used markets for buying and selling.

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    Candid #52: Behind the Shot

    In an experimental new segment, the gang choose an image from each others’ recent work and try to dissect the story and technique that went into realizing it.

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    Candid #51: Try to Look Untasty

    Marius returns from Africa bringing photos and stories. We talk about the experiences, and—of course—the gear. Olympus and Fujifilm are compared, the struggles of cultural photography are explored, and close encounters are described.

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    Candid #50: You've Got to Have a Big Knob

    Regrouping after their Toronto trip, the team catches up on the latest camera news before delving into Josh’s new blog and new lens, first impressions of Peak Design’s new Cuff & Leash, plus the unique LoupeDeck Lightroom controller.

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    Candid #50 (-1): Live From Toronto!

    Meeting in person for the first time ever, the team converges on Toronto for a live episode! Hijinks ensue as we discover new camera systems, new mediums, and how to properly pronounce Álvaro’s name.

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    Candid Conversations: Panasonic's Trisha Gillings

    Álvaro and Marius are joined by Panasonic’s Canadian Product Manager for Imaging, Trisha Gillings. Conversation ranges from the interesting relationships at the heart of the Micro Four-Thirds consortium to some behind the scenes insight into how the latest Panasonic products came to be!

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    Candid #45: Canons, Macs, and the iPad Pro

    Álvaro and Marius return to discuss Marius’ weekend with a Canon 5D Mark IV. Then it’s time to unpack Apple’s WWDC announcements as they pertain to photography, with a special iPad Pro segment featuring Thomas Wong.

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    Candid #44: The Sony a9

    The whole gang is back together to talk Sony news—the a9, the 100mm Macro, the 100-400mm GM, and more!

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    Candid #43: Street Photography

    Álvaro & Marius catch up on a bit of news before diving into the wonderful world of street photography: what it is, how to approach it (including getting over the fear of starting), and some of our favourite tools & techniques!

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    Candid Conversations: Erin Brooks

    Erin Brooks, iPhoneographer extraordinaire, joins Álvaro and Marius for a far-reaching chat about modern photography. Along the way, we discuss her involvement in the Shot on iPhone campaign for Apple, her favourite apps for editing, and where a standard mirrorless camera fits into her workflow.

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    Candid Conversations: Adobe's Josh Haftel

    This week’s show features Josh Haftel, product manager for Lightroom Mobile at Adobe. He joins Marius, Álvaro, and “Manitoba” in a wide-reaching discussion about the state of mobile photography, the future of imaging technology, and where Lightroom fits into the picture.

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    Candid #40: Medium Format—The Bigger Picture

    Leica and Fuji have both announced new products, including a competitively priced medium format system, GFX. We take this opportunity to talk about medium format as a whole and who might be most tempted to make the leap.

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    Candid #39: Everything Old is New Again...Except Lightroom

    Álvaro and Marius do their best to catch up on the deluge of photo news from the week. The Panasonic GH5, Kodak’s Ektachrome revival, and DJI’s supposed transition to Hasselblad ownership are all addressed, along with a wishlist for Adobe Lightroom in 2017.

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    Candid #38: Winter Photography

    We answer a listener question about shooting in winter: how to do it, what to bring, and what to watch out for to ensure you and your gear stay safe.

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    Candid #37: There and Back Again

    We catch up on some news before delving into a discussion around narrative in photography and whether or not it’s at risk of disappearing. To close out 2016, we also discuss out photography New Years resolutions.

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    Candid #36 - Photographer vs. Colour Gamuts

    We tackle the strange and complicated world of widening colour gamuts, with a discussion around its benefits, challenges, and what it all means for the modern photographer.

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    Candid #35: Lightroom Presets as a Learning Tool

    There’s more to Lightroom presets than emulating film. The gang talks about various preset recommendations and discusses their use as resources for learning how to develop your own style.

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    Candid #34: Just a Huge Spacebar

    In light of the new MacBook Pro announcements from Apple, Josh and Marius take a skeptical look at the current computing landscape and talk about why it’s such a challenging time to buy a machine for professional use.

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    Candid #33: What Makes a Photograph Compelling?

    Marius and Álvaro share some listener feedback before dissecting the elements of a photograph. They look at each ingredient and how they come together to make an image interesting, including a discussion of the role of post-processing.

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    Candid #32: Unfamiliar Bedfellows

    After a quick recap of our Photokina reactions, we talk about Marius’ new PEN pal. We also examine how Fuji and Olympus are gaining confidence in their products, the threat of mobile technology, and how well the Fuji X-T2’s C-AF tracking works.

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 4: Odds & Ends

    Our final Photokina episode is packed full of everything else at the show—Canon products, more thoughts on Olympus, and a ton of hands-on lens impressions from the show floor. We also choose the recipients of the official Candid Awards for Biggest Splash, Most Improved Company, and Biggest Disappointment. Can you guess which companies won?

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 3: Fuji

    The third episode in our Photokina week coverage includes our first impressions of Fuji’s announcements, including a brand new medium format system, Álvaro’s hands-on impressions of the X-T2, and two very special interviews!

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 2: Micro Four-Thirds

    Our second Photokina coverage episode is all about Micro Four-Thirds, featuring the Panasonic GH5, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark ii (with nose sensitivity improvements!), and more.

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    Candid @ Photokina - Part 1: Sony

    In the first of our Photokina coverage episodes, Álvaro tells Marius about his first day at the show and gives us his impressions of the announcements from Sony.

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    Candid #27: Apples to Apples

    With Álvaro on his way to Photokina, Josh & Marius are eager to share their first impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus and what its advancements mean for mobile photography.

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    Candid #26: I Can't Stop Touching It

    Everyone’s back just in time to welcome another 50mm lens to the Sony lineup. Marius also shares some first impressions about a new camera before the discussion turns to photo books and printing.

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    Candid #25: The Rise of Unsplash

    Josh and Marius are joined once again by Drew Coffman, and together they talk about some new Canon and Fuji announcements before digging into the main topic: Unsplash.

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    Candid #24: Travel (Instagram) Stories

    Álvaro and Marius catch up on the news while Josh plays baseball, and then Álvaro tells us what he learned on his trip to Lisbon. Along the way we answer a listener question, chastise Zenfolio for terrible behaviour, and discuss photo backups for travel.

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    Candid #23: Expose to Whatever

    We’ve got a couple of excellent listener questions to answer before delving into exposure. We go over ETTR and other techniques and compare exposure rules in digital versus analog photography.

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    Candid #22: Right Place, Wrong Lens

    With Josh and Marius back from their respective summer trips, the gang is back together and eager to talk about the latest photo news as well as reflections on travel equipment.

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    Candid Conversations: Drew Coffman

    With Josh still away, Marius & Álvaro are joined by friend of the show Drew Coffman. They talk about Drew’s gear, including a new Leica Q, before wrapping up with a detailed discussion of iPad Pro and mobile photography workflows.

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    Candid #20: Photokina Predictions

    With Josh on vacation, Marius & Álvaro chat about Siri image search concerns, more WWDC details, and what we can expect to see in the camera market over the next year.

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    Candid Conversations: Paul Matthijs of Hedge

    Paul Matthijs joins us to talk about Hedge, a powerful Mac app for safely importing footage and photos after a shoot. We discuss the app itself, and sustainable app development.

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    Candid #18: RAWesome! WWDC for Photographers

    In the wake of Apple’s keynote address at WWDC 2016, we take some time to talk about the photography-related announcements and our overall impressions of what’s coming for macOS and iOS users.

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    Candid #17: Candid Unpacked, Part 1: Josh

    We react to GoPro’s major software pivot before peeking into Josh’s travel bag to see what he’s bringing with him on his trip to Europe this summer.

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    Candid #15: An Intro to Shooting Film

    Álvaro helps us get started shooting film, but first we catch up on some news, including a bokeh showdown, a mobile photo workflow comparison, and a bold claim about Fuji.

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    Candid #13: Hanging Out With Dan Hawk

    We invite our first ever guest onto the show to talk about learning photographic technique, the appeal of simple cameras, and more!

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    Candid #11: The Most Expensive Advice in the World

    We answer a listener question about keeping your camera gear safe while traveling, and before long Josh's first impressions of the Sony 85mm GM lens lead us into a deep discussion about product reviews.

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    Candid #9: Inspiration

    Steering away from gear talk, we ponder the difficult topic of photographic inspiration in this week's episode. Where do we find it? What compels us to go out and shoot? We also introduce a brand new contest and answer a listener question!

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    Candid #8: Mirrorless vs. DSLR

    We open what may be the biggest can of worms in the photography world today: the mirrorless vs. DSLR debate. How are they different? Why choose one over the other? What are the pros and cons of each mechanism? And, most importantly, who should be shooting a mirrorless system and who should be shooting a DSLR camera? We do our best to ask and answer all the important questions in this debate.

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    Candid #7: Photo Gear for Travel

    With two hosts planning some travels this summer, discussing which kit works best for long trips was bound to take place. Álvaro, Josh, and Marius dig into the kit they’ve used in the past for their travels and what they hope to use going forward.

    More importantly, the hosts discuss a new competition for a free ThinkTank bag! This is Candid’s first giveaway and it promises to be a good one. Are you #TeamBackpack or #TeamMessenger? Whichever side you’re on, tweet out why you’re on your chosen team, use the hashtag #TeamBackpack or #TeamMessenger to denote which team you’re on, and tag @candid_fm at the end of your tweet. Next week, we’ll choose which tweet is our favourite and ThinkTank will ship the winner either the Retrospective 20 messenger bag or a backpack of equivalent value.

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    Candid #6: Accidental Apple Podcast

    Fresh off the heels of Apple’s Spring Event, we accidentally spend an hour digesting the latest products from Cupertino.

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    Candid #5: Mobile Workflows

    What happens when we try to take our editing and organizing workflows on the go? We talk apps, discuss devices, and discover how mobile devices fit into each of our photographic worlds.

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    Candid #4: Canvas Snowman

    This week, the gang talks about bags. Bags, bags, and more bags. Backpacks, messenger bags, backpack inserts, and more. Who doesn’t like talking about bags?

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    Candid #3: Micro Four Nerds

    This week, the gang chats about how different sensor sizes impact your photography and whether or not the size of the Micro 4/3 sensor will lead to doom or gloom for Olympus and Panasonic. To top off the busy week, Josh compares the infamous Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm to his new Zeiss Batis 85mm.

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    Candid #2: Film & Fuji

    Exploring the appeal of the "film" look before delving into the wonderful world of Fuji to discuss the X-Pro 2, X70, and how they fit into the X Series ecosystem.

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    Candid #1: Okay Bokeh

    We introduce ourselves and jump right into some interesting articles from the past few weeks, along with a discussion of Sony's recent product announcements.

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